Thursday, 20 March 2014

KICK-ASS 2 Movie Review

I have not previously reviewed the original Kick Ass movie, which I happened to really enjoy. However this review is for the sequel Kick Ass 2. I will compare the two though for those of you who have seen the first and wish to know more about the second installment.

Let's say Kick Ass 1 had a base score of 10/10. For the Sequel I would give 8/10. Why? Well although as a whole the second was an enjoyable movie experience The start seemed very amateur and the pace was a little slow. However, after roundabout one third of the way through the movie I felt I was back in the Kick Ass universe and the story got really dramatic. Again the film is rife with dark humor and is not recommended for kids. I don't like giving spoilers so I will not discuss the plot of the film but if you enjoyed Kick Ass 1 then this is definitely worth a watch. By the end of the film I'm sure you will be satisfied with your next adventure with Kick Ass, Hit Girl and the rest of the odd ball characters whom make Kick Ass, Kick Ass. Enjoy the movie!