Thursday, 24 April 2014

Noah 2014 Movie Starring Russell Crowe.

The main tragedy was the movie itself!

Why? A lot of reasons.

All I had heard about this movie was that Noah's beard had been inaccurate to what it says in the bible but having now seen the movie I feel it was a mock!

Expect Giant Rock Monsters known as the Watchers. See Noah Murder people! Listen to the wisdom of an outsider young woman teaching Noah about God! Learn that we are all here today because Noah disobeyed God!!!

Not only was this movie terribly inaccurate to the Old Testament but if you're a believer you will likely be insulted by this movie.

If you are Atheist it will not help you regain any faith but actually mislead you into an anti God stance.

If you are a Satanist then you probably helped vote this film up to a 6.9 on Imdb, as my score for it is -1/10!